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I'm Issy Russell, a Chesham-based Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Practitioner specialising in Exercise Rehabilitation and Pre/Post Natal Exercise. Here at PureFitness, we are equipped to support and train someone who is entirely new to exercise or who is an individual with more experience. Our aim is to help bring exercise and wellness back into your life in a way that makes it easy and fun and provides you with the tools you need to go away and build it into your daily life. 

We know that embarking on a new lifestyle can seem daunting - especially if you are in pain or out of shape. But 12 weeks with PureFitness in a gym or home environment should give your more confidence and help you make the most of your time when you work out on your own. Our services include:


Our trainers have a wide variety of qualifications which can combine to create a truly unique and tailored personal training experience catered directly to your needs. If you would like more details on our trainers' qualifications please contact us using  this form.



We are qualified in providing advice and support to women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth (once the all clear from your doctor has been given). Pregnancy is a very special time, and exercise can really benefit both mother and baby when the correct movement patterns are given. We work closely with all our clients to ensure their training meets their needs, and this is especially important when we are looking at ante/post natal women.



We can assist, advise and provide support for dancers who need specialist help with improving the strength, precision and fluidity of their movement patterns in dance. This is not to be considered as 1:1 training in a genre; but a more in-depth look at movements and assist in fine tuning and improving execution, by developing a programme that will provide knowledge and exercises that to correct the dancer safely and accurately. We have members of the team trained in Ballet and Modern Theatre (DDE ISTD),

We would love to help you turn things around, be it verbal advice on the phone or physical training one-on-one at your home, or within my current training premises. You can contact us at Pure Fitness using this form. Please note, PureFitness operates only during term time. 

Remember: learning, growing and developing is all part of being human. Take a step forward and be daring!


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