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Issy has helped me to make a significant improvement in my joint stability, pain levels and core strength in just three months. I am rediscovering muscle tone (and muscles!) and she is a fantastic, proactive, encouraging teacher who works hard to help you to safely achieve your health and fitness aims. I highly recommend her

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Issy is a warm and encouraging personal trainer who has taken me on with a positive attitude - even if I moan! Her dance background helps me in particular as she has been able to adapt exercises I find dull.  I look forward to our sessions each week and I'm sure she has me on track for looking toned in my wedding dress! 


I have been training with Issy since last year. She is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and knows every muscle in the body which is quite impressive! She is patient and funny, flexible in her approach and just a nice person. I love my sessions with Issy and feel great afterwards. Always encouraging but will push you as every good trainer should. If you want to make changes to your body, she's the woman and she will teach you technique perfectly and with precision so you get maximum results.


I began working out with Issy toward the end of last year and she has been just fabulous. I have a number of goals I’m aiming for – health primarily, increasing my stamina for long distance running, and equally importantly finding balance in my busy life. Issy has taken all of those goals on board and each session with her I feel healthier, happier, and more balanced – in more ways than one as she uses ballet techniques (which I love) in my sessions to add a new dimension to my training. Every session is a new circuit as she introduces me to new moves and techniques to reach my goals. She is incredibly encouraging which I value highly in a PT – I respond much better to positive reinforcement and Issy is brilliant at that. Despite the early starts, I really look forward to our 7am sessions, and that says a lot coming from someone who is not a morning person in the slightest!

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Issy is the first personal trainer I have ever used- I am reasonably fit - I dog walk daily and used to do Park run 5K but stopped due to ongoing issues with knee and feet and Issy has totally exceeded any expectations I had. I see her as a long term friend who will support me whatever I ask of her. Issy is flexible changing her detailed individual plans to suit you and your body, she’s certainly attentive and every session she teaches me something new to keep my interest and build my strength. Thank you Issy for bringing your encouragement and smile every week and really bothering to get to know me. Some weeks we can work hard and other weeks you just know its a difficult week and we take it more calmly. Issy is a shining star amongst personal trainers because she is just that - personal - and she is there 100% for you to reach your goals.

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The benefit of a Personal Trainer is threefold: support, focus and enthusiasm. 

Like most people I identified that I needed support to help achieve my fitness goals, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals whether they be improving general fitness, assistance on technique or losing weight. I have found that Issy is adaptable to all three areas. I initially just wanted to lose weight but found with Issy’s enthusiasm for exercise and your general well being have meant that I have opened my mind to approaching exercise as a treat rather than a chore. Issy’s positive energy has meant that whether we are in a session or not I have a passion for what I’m doing. 

With a healthy body comes a healthy mind. Issy has helped me not only become a fitter and much more active person but it has helped with my mental health, reducing stress and gaining discipline that I can apply in other areas of my life. 

9 months have flown by and I can see the results.

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