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As I’m sure you are aware I am always looking striving to provide a better service to my
clients. With that in mind I have been looking at improving and simplifying how you pay
for your personal training.

All payments for PT are now taken by monthly Standing Orders.

The main benefit to you is that I can be completely focused on your training, nutrition
and coaching.

This new system will allow me to reduce time spent on admin so that I can spend more
time on my number 1 priority – getting EVEN BETTER results for you.

The second benefit to you is that the increased consistency of sessions will also
guarantee even better results.

How the new system will work

Payments will be through standing order for the 1st of the month. I can provide either

  •  Account details to set up via online banking.

  •  Direct debit forms.

My Bank details are:

Mrs I Russell-Fibuch

Account number: 66926808
Sort code: 09-01-28

Why Standing order?

With my increasing work load I do not want to make mistakes with invoices if I am
completing many each month. It is also much less hassle for you because you don’t have
to worry about remembering your payment each month- so our trainer-client
relationship will be much smoother because there is less fuss monthly.

What is my monthly fee?

The minimum contract period is 3 months (12 week training programme).

Therefore the monthly fee will be worked out as follows:

Bronze: £45 per hour, two sessions a month.
Silver: £40 per hour, four to seven sessions per month.
Gold: £35 per hour, eight plus sessions per month.

What if I have a meeting or go on holiday and will not be able to make my scheduled

If you can’t make your scheduled appointment, please do your best to abide to the 24-
hour notification policy and reschedule for another time that week. I will give you two
additional times that week. If you cannot make these times you will still have the rest of
the month to catch up.

As for holidays, I understand everyone needs time away. Just let me know in advance
and I will proactively schedule you for sessions before and after your time away so that
you don’t miss any of your training appointments and can get that extra calorie burn
before and after your time away. In the event you are away for a longer period of weeks
the monthly payment will remain unchanged and the contract will be extended to
accommodate the break as best as I can.

I cannot guarantee all sessions in these cases, particularly if we are looking at re
arranging more than three sessions!

What if I get sick or injured?

A great option is to maintain your appointment and I will focus on less vigorous training
such as stretching, muscle isometrics, relaxation training, retesting your body
composition, reassessing goals and the fitness plan, lifestyle coaching and nutrition

In the event of an injury to one part of your body, I can focus on another area. For
example, if you’ve experienced a knee injury we can use this opportunity to focus on
your abdominals and upper body.

If you have a more serious injury or illness that would hinder your ability to come in at
all, I will work with Physiotherapy partners and your physician to ensure I fully
understand restrictions and program modifications.

Do my sessions expire?

PureFitness is set up to help you achieve your goals by providing both structure and

I greatly encourage you to use your sessions within your original committed period. In
the event you are not able utilise all of your sessions within the contracted time I may
extend your sessions into the following month- this will extend to only one session per
month. Sessions transferred to another month will not be used to make up sessions for
the following month.

Sessions in the new month will not subsequently be moved over to accommodate the
sessions from the previous month unless prior arranged. In the event these ‘old’
sessions have to be rescheduled, they will not be refunded or moved to the following
month after that.

Only ONE session can be moved over each month.

What happens at the end of my agreement?

That’s easy –Your contract automatically renews for the same term monthly.

What happens if I want to leave? Or need to take a break?

Please let me know a month in advance if you want to cancel all training sessions and
your standing order. Please inform me in excess of the 7th day of the month before you
wish to leave. Failure to do so will incur a cancellation fee the equivalent of your sessions
per month.

My goal is that you’ll learn what you need and that you’ll love PT so much that you’ll
continue to stay with me long term. If for whatever reason you decide I am no longer
able to service your needs, first, let me know what I can do better so I don’t lose you as
a client.

If I am still unable to add the value you’re looking for, then there are no other

Warmest regards,

Issy Russell

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